Credit for Master School – grab now!

 The credit for the master school opens up educational opportunities at all ages. Living within a global job market today requires more than basic training. Only those who continue to qualify in the long term retain their status on the job market. The advanced training to become a master even qualifies you to start your own business with excellent future prospects.

Credit for the master school – full-time education

Credit for the master school - full-time education

The decision to continue professional development is not always made from a position of strength. The job is often threatened by job cuts. Anyone who leaves the company voluntarily will receive a fair severance payment, which will, however, count towards unemployment. Another common reason to think about the master school is the lack of prospects when it comes to advancing professionally. The educational qualifications achieved count in Germany. Only those who have passed an exam are qualified to hold the position of a master.

The fastest way to career advancement is full-time education in the master school. The credit for the master school only opens up the possibility for many to continue their education full-time. Not only the training costs and examination fees are financed, but above all the cost of living. The range of services offered by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau includes support from taxpayers’ money, but also loan financing.

Funding conditions for the master school

Funding conditions for the master school

Lending is not tied to age limits. In contrast to the educational loan, older people also have a chance to go to school again. A special credit rating or security is not a prerequisite for a loan for the master school. Anyone with a qualification to take part in the measure should be able to take the opportunity to train to become a master. The overall package of support is split into two.

The maximum support from the state for master training is 10,226 USD. Only 69.5 percent of the total has to be financed. The state funds the remaining 31.5 percent as a grant with no repayment obligation. Half of the masterpiece, up to 1,534 USD, is paid for on credit and from the future master’s own funds. Monthly livelihood is also supported as part of full-time training. The monthly payment takes into account living conditions, assets, children and marital status. In part, the maintenance paid is financed by loans and is topped up again with the government subsidy.

The repayment of the loan only starts after the completion of the training. The loan must be repaid after 10 years. The state also wants to reward a successful examination and the creation of new jobs separately. The new master will be rewarded with a debt relief of 25 percent of the outstanding loan amount for passing the exam.

Credit for the part-time master school

Credit for the part-time master school

Not everyone is in a hurry with their training plans. The master’s degree can also be acquired in the evening school. Part-time, the training can usually be paid for by the current income from work.

The credit for the master school is only urgently needed at the end of the training. The masterpiece and the examination fees can no longer be easily diverted from the budget. A small loan from the internet bridges this inexpensive and inexpensive and easy to apply this difficult time.