5 easy ways to prevent vision loss, according to research


Spring is full of visual delights. With sunny skies, colorful flowers and vibrant green trees, it’s no wonder we rejoice when the weather warms up! But what if you start losing the experience due to vision loss?

Perhaps the beauty of spring and the fear of losing is why protecting our eyes is more important than ever. Fortunately, these tips can help prevent common causes of vision loss.

Rhubarb and lemon can help prevent cataracts.

Enjoy a dish made with rhubarb or lemon (or any fruit rich in vitamin C)! Research from Tufts University found that vitamin C supplementation reduced the incidence of cataracts by 57%.

The abundance of vitamin C in these spring treats prevents fluid in the eyes from oxidizing and clouding vision. Bonus: research shows that people with adequate amounts of vitamin C in their system burn 30% more fat during moderate exercise than those who lack it!

Prevent glaucoma by bargain hunting.

Once a week, stop by Costco or Target and try to spot the best deals. This can reduce your risk of glaucoma or progressive vision loss.

The reason? According to UCLA research, physical activity can reduce your risk by 73%. Walking through the aisles stimulates physical activity, which reduces high blood pressure that can trigger glaucoma.

Reduce the risk of AMD with an extra gum.

Taking a gummie containing lutein and zeaxanthin daily reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) — a loss of vision in the center of the eye, explains WebMD. Antioxidants nourish the retina to thwart inflammation that can lead to AMD.

Try: MaryRuth Eye Care Gummies (Purchased at Mary Ruth, $29.95). Also, eat as many green vegetables as you want, including spinach, kale, and broccoli!

Drink, drink, drink.

Most of us experience several common symptoms of dehydration: fatigue, headaches, fewer trips to the bathroom. Another that you may not know? Blurred vision.

It’s true: sipping a glass of water reverses the mild dehydration that can distort the cornea. So, pour a cup!

Prevent dry eyes with massage.

Hormonal fluxes can lead to chronic itchy eyes and blurred vision, called “dry eye”. The fix: Every night, massage your lash line with a cleansing wipe, like Biotrue Micellar Eyelid Cleansing Wipes (Buy from Bed Bath and Beyond, $14.99), which remove bacteria and irritants that clog eyelids. Lubricating meibomians.

Try this Tetris trick.

Playing Tetris or Candy Crush for a few minutes a day increases contrast sensitivity by up to 58% in nine weeks, according to a study from the University of Rochester. Fast action trains the brain to quickly process visual information and make things more vivid.

Looking for other ways to prevent vision loss? Check out this simple eye exercise you can do daily and this guide to nutrients that can protect your eyesight.

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