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Visualization boards are one of the most effective tools I use to grow my business, my life, my hobbies. Carried out with care, this process gives shape to the dreams and emotions that I wish to manifest in the weeks and months to come. Just going through the process brings clarity to my thinking, focuses me on my plans, and leaves me with a visual and tangible reminder of the life I want to build. Here’s how to start creating your own vision board for 2021


Area. I love the white or black foam panels to create vision panels. There are many sizes and options for this, so have fun choosing the right one for you.

Adhesive. Glue sticks, Washi tape, or thumbtacks work just as well. I prefer something non-permanent so that I can revise my board throughout the year.

Cutting tools. An X-acto knife, ruler, scissors, or letter opener are all great tools to have on hand.

Images. Magazines, old books, photographs all work well.

Set the mood. A good playlist to inspire creative vibes, a great workspace (floors work great for this!) And lighting candles to keep him dreamy and inspiring.

Treat and feed. A cheese platter, wine and good chocolate. Everything is better with chocolate, right?


Define an intention. Or many. I love to create a vision board for everyone: work, family, love, hobbies, wellness, travel. Others prefer to have a separate vision board for each area of ​​their life, or focus on just one for the whole year. Let your intuition be your guide here and decide the best approach for you. Really think about what you want to accomplish in the coming year. What emotions do you want to feel more? Less of? How do you want to live? You may find it best to keep a journal on this before you begin the process of collecting images to really bring clarity to the mind. This intentional thinking will be important when selecting images to bring your vision to life.

Organize images. Find images that support your intention and the life you want to build in the coming year. The images should not only portray the WHAT of what you want to manifest, but also the EMOTION of what you hope to invoke. The colors, the people, the objects that appear on your final painting should make you smile. I collect LOTS of images in a Pinterest board when I’m in the intention setting phase to have plenty of choices early in my planning. Favorite blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, and Unsplash are great resources for images. Any picture that speaks to you is worthy of a visualization board.

Build your board. A reminder, this painting is JUST FOR YOU, so organize the pictures in a way that speaks to your soul. You can organize each area by focus (work or home, for example.) Or let the colors in the images guide you in how they are arranged. There’s no right or wrong way to do it – so organize and rearrange until you find what works for you. Glue the images to your surface once you have found a layout that you like.

Find a home for your board. Pick a location in your home or workspace where you will see your board on a regular basis. The magic of this work is not only in the building, but also in the visual reminder it gives you to devote your time, energy and resources to the things that support the life you want to build.

Review often. I am a big fan of seeing these boards as evolutionary works. Take the time to review it often and rearrange it, add or remove it as needed to keep it as ambitious and inspiring as it takes to get you towards your goals.

Giving yourself space, time and a creative outlet to dream about your future is such a gift. One who can bring more positivity, intention and purpose to your coming year.

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Jill Elliott is a creative consultant, strategist and thinker on a constant quest for inspiration and balance. As a writer, artist and founder of The Color Kind, she seeks to inspire others to live creatively every day. She is often found making art and messing around alongside her 8-year-old daughter and her Goldendoodle puppy.



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