6 steps to create your 2021 vision board



Let us come back to the last “New Years”. Every year begins with new hopes, new dreams, new projects and the most viewed — new resolutions! Like most years, unintentionally, the consistency of practicing these resolutions crumbles as we navigate through the first two months of the New Year. What if we did something that helped us achieve our goals faster? We spoke to Kainaz Postwala, co-founder of White light elements for advice on how to achieve our goals and dreams and she recommended creating a vision board! A little creativity with a little fun – let’s see how to create and put your 2021 vision board into practice with expert input from Kainaz!

1. Categorize your dreams

Dream wheel by White Light Elements

Sit down with a pen, paper, your favorite milkshake and put on your favorite music. Now start writing down what you expect from 2021 when it comes to your goals and dreams. Categorize your dreams into personal and professional and further categorize them into career, financial abundance, relationships and family, and how you see yourself in 2021. Feel free to let your creativity run wild while categorizing your aspirations!

2. Scribble / Draw / Write

Once you’ve categorized your dreams, it’s time to bring them to life! Get out your sketchbook, your favorite magazine, colors and cute stickers. Scribble, draw / paint or write your dreams creatively on the sketchbook, cut out your artistic pieces and pin them to the poster board. Remember that using your own creativity gives soul to your dreams!

3. Create an affirmation and visualization routine

Affirmation slab by White Light Elements
Affirmation slab by White Light Elements

Give your visualization board just 30 minutes from your schedule each day to update it. You can do this by adding new goals, modifying a few already existing goals, etc. And then, maintain an “Affirmation and Visualization” routine. For those who don’t know, affirmations are positive statements that are constantly repeated to attract miraculous results. Affirmations should always be in the present tense. For example, if your goal for 2021 is to be nicer, the goal statement should be “I’m a nicer human being”. And visualization creates strong mental images of your aspirations. Now, to visualize your goals, visualization creates strong mental images of your aspirations. Similar to affirmations, your visualization should be in the present. Visualize your goals in such a way that you are already living the dream.

4. Be in the present and move away from fears and doubts.

Be aware of all the effort you put in, the results you get, and don’t fear or doubt the process. The universe is watching over you and always supporting you! Affirm and visualize with total faith to attract miraculous results.

5. Remember

Never let the goal table go out of memory. Keep reminding yourself of your dreams and aspirations and work to make them come true.

6. Appreciate what you have

Gratitude Journal by White Light Elements
Gratitude Journal by White Light Elements

Pay your gratitude each morning and evening to what the universe has already provided you, before asking for more while visualizing. Gratitude is the best prayer that helps manifest your goals!

As we all wait and work for our dreams, let us also never forget that happy people aren’t always grateful, but grateful people are always happy! We wish everyone a 2021 vision board filled with positivity, happiness and all of our dreams come true!

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