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Dream boards, or vision boards, are a collage of texts and images that help you visualize what you want to accomplish in your life. Vision boards will help you get a better idea of ​​your dreams and the goals you need to achieve to get there. The various photos, videos and graphics available make creating your flip chart more fun as you plan for your future.

With mobile apps and websites, you can create a virtual vision board to take anywhere with you. Below are some of the best vision board apps available on Android to help you achieve your life goals.

1. My vision board

My Vision Board allows you to plan your life’s purpose and vision for the future you desire. In this app, you can write your vision and goals in detail in the Life Goal section, whether it is your business, personal life or hobby. After you’ve created your vision board, you can play the slideshow with the images and text you include.

You will get affirmations to keep you motivated while working on your dreams. You can download these affirmations to your Android device for reference at any time, and can also write in the journal to track your progress.

Constant advertisements can be annoying during affirmations. The backup and restore feature is a great highlight of this app, so you won’t lose your data if you ever need to uninstall. Other cool features include daily reminder, background music, and auto-play your affirmations to help you visualize your dreams.

To download: My Vision Board (Free in-app purchases available)

2. MyObjectives

MyGoals is great for creating your virtual vision board because it offers ideas and examples to inspire you. It includes your life goal and a gratitude journal to keep you grateful while recording your progress. With additional affirmations, you can improve your outlook on life while working towards your goals.

Creating your vision board is simple; you need to fill in details like description, when you will reach your goal and add a picture. The dashboard classifies your vision board according to pending goals and achieved goals.

With five-year goal plans, you’ll have more time to plan and achieve your dreams thoroughly. This app is very similar to the My Vision Board app even when it comes to constant ads and extra features like affirmations.

To download: MyGoals (Free in-app purchases available)

3. Visualize

With Visualize, you can see your dream life on your Android phone. The large collection of images makes it easy to create your vision board on this app, and you just need to add a description of your goal.

You can also add actions to track your specific life goals, from your career, love life, or reputation, to wealth and spiritual goals. After you’ve created your vision board, you can set morning and evening reminders to stay motivated. The vision board also contains specific affirmations based on the goals you have set for your life.

You can listen to soothing music or whatever song you want on Spotify while watching the slideshow from your visualization board. You also have the option to share your vision board with other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

To download: View (free)


With VISUAPP, you get a vision board maker and a free gratitude journal to help you through the process. You can use other apps to determine your long-term goals and New Year’s resolutions before adding them to your vision board. By adding images from your gallery, you can create more goals to add to a specific category on your vision board.

You can also enjoy soothing music while watching the slideshow on your visualization board. Unfortunately, in order to access the Gratitude Journal, you will need to pay. This also applies to viewing a slideshow of your vision board all at once. The other apps on this list offer most of these features for free.

To download: VISUAPP (Free in-app purchases available)

5. Vision board

The Vision Board app is simple to use with a tutorial to show you how to get started. All you have to do is tap the image to add your own lens with a specific description. In the left corner, you can also add a specific deadline to achieve each goal. This is a quick vision board maker for users who want to save time.

You can however use other digital journal apps to improve your mental health alongside this Vision Board app. If you are looking for an easy to use app for short goals to achieve the lifestyle you want, this app will work for you. You only have to watch an advertisement to unlock additional features like additional themes according to your tastes and preferences.

To download: Vision board (free)

6. Vision Board Maker

This Vision Board Maker app features a similar design to the other apps on this list. To create your vision board, you need to fill in various details including your vision, a detailed description, a category, and an end date. You will need to add an image from your gallery to complete your vision board before saving it.

You can enter this information using the voice recorder. With the Vision Board Maker app, you can benefit from different affirmations to keep you going throughout your journey. There is, however, some lag when opening the Gratitude Journal to track your progress against your goals, and the ads after completing each task can also make this app less enjoyable to use.

To download: Vision Board Maker (free)

7. Personal vision board

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This Personal Vision Board app has a bright screen and is nice for creating vision boards on your Android. This app is simple and has different categories like wealth, family, love and career to better organize your goals.

You can add images with short descriptions under each category for better tracking. If you are a visual person, this app will help you get a clearer picture of the life you want to live in the future.

To download: Personal vision board (free)

Plan your future with these Vision Board apps

If you are looking for better ways to track your life goals for the life of your dreams, you should consider downloading a vision board app. These apps help you create virtual vision boards to achieve your goals and also track your progress.

You also get affirmations and logs from most of these apps to go along with your vision board.

Visualize works well with a user-friendly display for better orientation of your goals and purpose. The Vision Board app also works well for users who want a simple app to manage their resolutions and visually track their goals. You will feel better each time you reach a life goal that you have set for yourself.

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