Animal Vision Center of Virginia Offers Free Eye Screenings for Healthcare Worker Pets



We spoke with the facility’s veterinary ophthalmologist to get details on how they view clients while also socially distancing themselves.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – After returning home from a long day of working on the coronavirus frontlines, many essential workers are turning to pets for added comfort. A company is reaching out to take care of these animals for free until the end of May.

“Pets really are such an important support to so many people,” said Heather Brookshire, veterinary ophthalmologist at the Animal Vision Center of Virginia. “We just wanted to do this little thing to help.”

The Animal Vision Center of Virginia offers eye screening that typically costs pets of first responders and healthcare workers over $ 100 during the coronavirus pandemic.

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As our pets age, so do their eyes, and animal eye problems can be significant depending on the breed of the animal.

“The typical things we see are a lot of corneal ulcers, we see a lot of glaucoma. We do a lot of cataract surgery in dogs and even some cats,” Brookshire said.

For healthcare workers interested in free eye screening for their pets, a phone or email assessment of your pet’s experience is the first step. From there, a veterinarian will determine if an appointment is necessary.

The Animal Vision Center of Virginia does everything possible to keep the stay-at-home order by using virtual “telehealth” appointments to see clients.

“When a client comes to the Animal Vision Center of Virginia with their pet, they will call the facility and a staff member wearing gloves and a mask will come out with a leash, pick up the animal and drop off an iPad,” said Brookshire. “We will then bring the animal inside and immediately call the client through Facetime so that they can be virtually present during the entire exam. “

Free screenings are available until the end of May.

THE ANIMALS WE TREAT At Animal Vision Center in Virginia, we are committed to providing the highest quality eye care available to animals of all shapes, sizes, species and breeds. Our practice is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment to take care of our patients. Our objective

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