Falcon Pass Vision Center targets Clear Lake eye health


Dr. Russell Malik (left) and Dr. Lisa Maxwell (right) met at the University of Houston. (Sierra Rozen/Community Impact Journal)

A community-focused optometrist is exceptionally hard to find these days, according to Dr. Lisa Maxwell, which led her and her husband, Dr. Russell Malik, to open the Falcon Pass Vision Center in 2007.

The couple first met at the University of Houston School of Optometry. Maxwell has been practicing since 1989 and Malik has been practicing since 1991. Malik originally opened a practice near Hobby Airport in 1992, while Maxwell worked with another partner around Scarsdale.

Eventually, they realized that their local customers were having trouble getting to Hobby Airport, which was the catalyst for the opening of the Clear Lake area airport.

“We started to notice that after being in the community for a long time, people wanted to come and see us, and it was a bit of a drive to get to the Hobby Airport area,” Maxwell said. “We kind of had to serve the community in our house in some ways.”

Once the firm opened in 2007, Maxwell was its principal owner until Malik officially joined the firm in 2019 after closing the one near the airport. The new company initially focused on providing sports eyewear for children after seeing a lack among other optometrists.

The community in which they practice has a large sporting presence; Maxwell said “everyone is very athletic.”

“I kept getting people asking for sports eyewear for their kids, and it kind of amazed me that nobody really focused on kids and recreational sports eyewear,” he said. she declared.

Although the pandemic put a small hurdle in their operations, the couple officially reopened on May 5, 2020, so they could continue to serve the community that depended on them.

On average, the couple sees about 18 to 20 patients with issues ranging from medical emergencies to adjusting for contacts or glasses. They also provide pre and post-operative services to patients undergoing LASIK surgery.

“We just tried to make everyone as happy and comfortable as possible,” Maxwell said.

Overall, the most important thing Malik and Maxwell could stress is the importance of taking care of your eye health, and they reiterated the need for regular eye exams.

“Just because you can see doesn’t mean you don’t have glaucoma,” Malik said. “Contact lenses are not just a toy. Some people really abuse it. So it’s a health issue. [What’s important] for me, it’s just keeping those eyes healthy.


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