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National Vision Board Day is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in January. This year, it falls on January 8. The purpose of this day is to encourage people to set their goals visually.

One can imagine and visualize the goals of one’s whole life and thus begin to plan or work towards achieving them. One can also re-imagine the goals in each of their previous goals and find out where they have come to in terms of goal achievement.

National Vision Board Day is based on “seeing is believing” in the sense that one can imagine, visualize their life on this day.


Such a program was first organized in 2010 when a group of friends got together to set their goals in a fun and creative setting.

National Vision Board Day was started by Kellan Lutz and Ryan Daly in June 2015 to inspire people and help them achieve their goals. It is based on the “law of attraction”. People can think all day about their dreams and the kind of life they want to live. They can visualize how they can achieve their dream.

Visualization is not only about career, but also about their relationships, business, art, travels. People are setting up “vision boards” these days to plan their lives from different aspects. it is also called dream boards and is used in different forms of stationery and media so that they are interesting and creative.

Later, people can also plan their goals step by step, day by day, month by month to achieve their end goal in all areas.


People celebrate National Vision Board Day by creating their vision board. Just make it easy to read, colorful and unique to motivate you everyday. Also remember that this is your own goal and your own life, so you need to be honest and realistic when visualizing these goals.

It helps you to implement the plan of your life. Like just seeing a dream, it’s hard to achieve them unless and until you plan and implement them.

Interesting facts about National Vision Council Day:

  • Vision Board helps you focus on the important things.

  • It helps you set clear goals for the current year.

  • It opens all your five senses.

  • Vision Boards motivate you every day.

  • Having a vision makes your job easier.

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Posted: Saturday, January 8, 2022, 6:41 PM IST


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