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Thursday, January 21, 2021 / 12:42 p.m. / By Bukunmi Adejobi, Proshare Research, and Taiyese Nifemi, WebTV / Header Image Credit: iStock

Creating a vision board is an activity that is started early in the year for most individuals, it is a strategy that helps individuals identify their goals, plans and dreams for the future and the Millennial Talk program is anchored in their recent discussion. demonstrated ‘How to create a vision board ”.

Shedding light on the concept of a vision board, Nifemi Taiyese defined it as a tool used to help clarify, focus and stay focused on what really matters to individuals, it is a visual representation. which represents whatever you want to be, do or have. in your life. A good dashboard should contain the timeline, resources, and tools needed to achieve set goals.

According to program co-host Bukumi Adejobi, having a Vision Board is important because it helps individuals achieve set goals and move closer to their dreams.

Conceptualizing the idea of ​​the vision board is the fun step, however, the less elegant but equally crucial step is following the set goals which require personal discipline, courage and commitment, a- she noted.

Both Anchors highlighted tips for Millennials to stay the course as they move towards achieving their vision, the key considerations are as follows;

  • Consistency: Being consistent in following prepared dashboards will allow individuals not to deviate easily.
  • Discipline: This involves working in a controlled manner and following the standards in place while working to meet deadlines set like a professional course.
  • Intentional: Individuals must be intentional at every step and avoid external factors that waste time.
  • Invest in Yourself: Developing capacity over time is a huge investment that requires careful planning and promotes individual abilities in school and in the workplace, enabling them to learn, grow and to create value.
  • Accountable Partner: Having a partner who helps to engage and join the vision board is essential.
  • Awareness: Knowledge is power, the search for information by carrying out research is essential to discover other ways to arrive at the result.

Items needed to create a vision board include scissors, cardboard, glue sticks, paper and pen, markers, sticky notes, cutouts of magazine images, artwork , old books and computer prints.

Taiyese mentioned that there were apps that were developed using technology that helped digitize the process of creating a vision board. Adejobi supported us about the “old school” hard copy because it is more visible and would remain if an individual’s phone, tablet or laptop were to fail.

In creating their vision boards, Anchors took into consideration many aspects of life, including the spiritual, travel, personal growth and development, finances, work, career, and inspiration.

Anchors noted that once the idea was conceptualized and displayed on a board, millennials could attach vision boards to prominent locations or devices such as mirrors, closet doors, screen images. reception and telephones.

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