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Actress Erykah Badu once said, “Write it on real paper, with a real pencil, and watch the shit come true,” an obvious quote that resonated with many people, especially those who believe in the law of attraction.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “manifest” as something which is “clear or obvious to the eye or to the mind”. But if we want something deeper and more meaningful, we can describe manifestation as the beautiful practice of thinking with aspiration to turn those thoughts into reality.

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The beautiful practice of thinking with aspiration to turn these thoughts into reality

Manifesting or visualizing is personal to each individual. At the same time, some prefer to declare that what they aspire to have or to be has already been done; others prefer to attract them by creating a vision board, which is a collage manifesting purpose with inspiring words and images.

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Attracting the positive things that your mind and heart desire is effortless. There is no magic potion; you don’t have to spell or kill others. You just have to define your intentions, be clear with what you want and never ask to have someone else’s life but create a tailor-made future.

How does a vision board work?

Cutting and pasting pictures on a piece of paper and calling it a vision board isn’t enough if you don’t feel and embody it.

What are the essential steps to create a vision board?

Define your goals

What areas do you want to focus on? Family, relationships, career, education, fitness, wellness, finances.

Find inspiration

There are people who might inspire you because they seem to have the perfect life and career. But remember, appearances can be deceiving. If you aspire to have a beautiful intimate relationship, never choose images of celebrities or people who have had eventful love lives. Instead, look for photos with people who seem happy and in love, and you don’t know who they are. Always include positive quotes and affirmations that speak to you.

Map your table

Once you have all of your images and quotes, tape them to cardboard or whatever multipurpose paper you prefer. Another great idea is to create a digital vision board; you can have the collage on your computer, cell phone, iPad or any device.

If you choose the digital option, we suggest you use Canva. An online graphic design platform, perfect for any visual content. The app can also be downloaded to your phone or tablet and is free.

Let your vision board do its job!

Smile at your visualization board and consider it the most expensive piece of jewelry you own. Remember, these are your goals and worthy of respect. Place your special vision board in a special place and save your digital collage on any personal device you prefer.

Find below some ideas for vision boards



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