How to make the perfect vision board for 2020, as taught by Nikki Novo



January is officially in full swing, which means if you’re like the rest of us, the novelty of the New Year starts to wear off. Maybe you feel like you’ve already blown up your 2020 big resolutions. And if so, fear not! Instead, turn to creating your own vision board to get excited about the future.

If you’re not a big fan of “woo woo” stuff, don’t let that put you off. Contrary to what the wizards in your life would tell you, a vision board is simply a physical tool to help you smoothly remind yourself of your life goals. Not to mention, the process of creating a vision board can motivate you to take much-needed action.

Do you still feel overwhelmed? We got you. In order to accurately explain the ins and outs of creating the perfect vision board, we enlisted the help of a Cuban-American Spiritual Mentor and a versatile badass. Nikki Novo.

If there’s anyone who can tell us a thing or two about creating our best life, Novo is the girl. Not only did she use the power of a vision board to attract the partner of her dreams, but she also used it to become a bestselling author And one intuitive dating coach.

Novo is a big fan of vision boards because of how they keep us intentional about our goals. She told Remezcla that the reason most people fail to achieve their goals is because they forget about them when they are caught up in the daily grind.

“Dashboards instantly remind us of our goals at a glance,” she says.

Novo also says that it is not only the vision board itself that is so useful in manifestation, but also the work involved in creating it.

“The process gives us the time and space to clarify what we really want,” she says. “We take what’s in our head and put it on paper. “

Here, Novo shares all the information you need to create a vision board that will help you achieve your financial, professional, romantic, travel, spiritual goals and more.


Identify your goals

Before you dive into copy and paste, Novo recommends taking the time to ask yourself questions about the scope of your board, such as what topics you’ll focus on and what timeline you want to cover.

“Is it for a year?” For example, if you are showing love, maybe there is no deadline, ”she says. “You might not have a deadline for this, but you want to be reminded of where you are headed. “

Novo also recommends organizing your board into four categories to streamline the process: personal, career, health and spiritual, for example. She then said to write down what each category would look like in visual form. This helps you be clear about what you want to manifest and can speed up the process a bit.

“As you’ve taken the time to think about how your goals look in an image format, you’ll get an idea of ​​what you’re looking for,” she says.


Be smart

Now comes the fun part. Novo tells us that you don’t have to be too fancy when creating your visualization board. According to the DIY guru, all you’ll need are pictures, glue, scissors, and a sturdy board to put it all together. Novo recommends an 8×10 board because it’s easier to fill in and “won’t take up too much space, which means you’re more likely to expose it.”

Also, don’t get too hung up on looking for pictures in magazines. While a lot of people use them as a vision board tool because they are, in Novo’s words, “a big ‘old picture book,’ she also tells us that they’re not always necessary. “Some people who are a little more visually oriented tend to search websites in advance for images or whatever appears to them.” In other words: let yourself be guided by your intuition.


Get your mind right

While creating a vision board is a useful tool in manifesting your future, it is not a magic wand. As a coach and spiritual mentor, Novo saw firsthand the pitfalls of his clients by setting goals and not taking the right actions.

“Most of the time, we just think because we manifest that we don’t need to act. We think the universe is just going to deliver, ”she said. “It’s up to us to follow our intuition by taking inspired action.”

If you find yourself feeling stuck during the process of creating your visualization board, Novo recommends that you rely on that same intuition to lead you to images that “attract” you. She urges us not to overthink our gut feelings and not get too superstitious about the whole process. Like everything in life, don’t take it too seriously.

“Just because it’s not on the board doesn’t mean it won’t happen,” she said. “If you can’t find the perfect picture, no worries.”

If you are still hooked on pesky negative thoughts while creating your vision board, Novo recommends that you practice with positive affirmations, such as “It is safe to see my future” and “I am worthy and deserve to be. all my desires.


Make it visible (even if just for yourself)

Once you have assembled your 2020 vision board, Novo recommends that you place it in a location that you can see on a daily basis. It’s natural for us to have anxiety about our goals, especially if they seem out of reach at the moment, so if you need to hide them from the public, that’s always an option.

Even Novo herself isn’t immune to the desire for some privacy. She used to keep her visualization board in her medicine cabinet so that she could see it every day without her roommates or friends being judgmental.

“It doesn’t have to be visual for everyone,” she told us. “You can place it in your closet as long as it is visible to you.”


The future is yours

So now that you know the vision boards, feel free to create one for yourself. Whether you do it on a boozy night out surrounded by your friends or a solemn ritual surrounded by incense and candles, there is no right or wrong way to manifest your future.

Be sure to check in with yourself and your goals throughout the year to hold yourself accountable. And if you’re not where you want to be yet, try not to get discouraged. Instead, use each step of your journey as an opportunity to practice patience and compassion with yourself. You got this!

In 2020: may it be filled with everything you’ve always dreamed of.



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