Lilly Singh keeps her vision board in her shower


Unsurprisingly, Lilly Singh has a vision board. But in a small detour from tradition, the actor, author, YouTube creator, TV host and producer keeps it strapped to the outside of his glass shower while peering inside.

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“I would like to say that I am the inventor of the Shower Vision Board,” Singh told MyDomaine in the cover story of their third digital issue, The Innovation Issue. “At the center of my vision board is ‘optimize everything’.”

Singh, who recently announced she will appear in the Disney+ series, ‘The Muppets Mayhem,’ wanted to deviate from her previous aesthetic when cultivating the Studio City home she shares with Scarbro, a mix 4 year old Chi-poo.

“My first home was color, color, color, color, pink wall this, yellow accent that, et cetera. And as I get older, I’m like, ‘Ah, yeah, that’s a lot!’ focused on a neutral color palette and plenty of windows for natural light, as well as a minimalist attitude that only left room for things that made her feel “safe, energetic, and loved.”

Singh greets guests in the dining room, a space conducive to conversation. Bright blue custom chairs sit around a circular table, and they serve as a focal point for the neutral palette. Nearby, a geometric ping-pong table that Singh calls his “pride and joy” turns into a pool table, or even a flat dining table.

“Singh’s favorite place in the house” is his office, where “all the baby brains come to life”. A gallery wall of his accomplishments, ranging from stories in the Hollywood journalist at AdWeek, which showcases his many talents. Singh says she feels the “recipe for success” is in the room, which is filled with natural light.

“I learned that I love the job,” Singh said. “But I’m better at work when it’s not every part of my existence. So I’m optimizing my life, whether it’s building a team that’s right for me or making my life easier at home.

But in the past, Singh has found his work/life balance to be a bit off. Now she manages to keep this sacred space for her creativity. “My desk is for work, the dining table is for eating, the living room is for family time, time with friends, and the bedroom is for sleeping. It’s not up to you to bring your work to every space,” she said.

There is also a home cinema with comfortable seating and a well-stocked snack bar. A little-used guest bedroom has also found a new vocation, transformed into a gym. A large cocktail bar is located in the living room, where Singh reckons he spends most of his time. Floor-to-ceiling windows create a bright and cozy space, as does the large sectional sofa facing the fireplace and TV.

“I grew up in a house – and I’m sure almost every Indian can relate to this – where my parents had many forbidden rooms,” Singh explained. “I was always like, ‘This is a huge waste of space!’ Now she’s consciously working to give every space a purpose.

For the future, Singh has another goal in mind: to create a second office space on the hill in his garden. With a short uphill ride, Singh plans to create another space that will allow him to live his life in balance.

“It’s a steep hill, so [I’ll] probably huffing and huffing,” Singh laughed. “I should just get into the mindset and say, ‘I’m going to work and we’re doing the thing. It is what it is. I want to feel like I’m going to work. I don’t want to feel like work is where I am all the time.


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