Returning ITV star Corrie used a vision board to make her soap opera return


Coronation Street’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson thinks creating a vision board led her to return to the famous cobblestones.

Fans of the ITV soap opera last saw her sex worker character Nicky Wheatley in September 2020 when she grew close to Daniel Osbourne following the tragic death of his wife Sinead Tinker.

The pair spent time together as Nicky helped widower Daniel through his grief.

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She left to start a new life in Lytham with money stolen by Daniel from dastardly mugger Geoff Metcalfe.

Kimberly back on set

Next week, she’s back and with a huge career change as a teaching assistant at Weatherfield High, bringing her closer to teacher Daniel once again.

And actress Kimberly believes she sparked her own return to the streets by setting her life goals and visualizing her comeback.

She explained: “It’s not for everyone, but I love vision boards, the things I want in my life that I want to see in front of me on a daily basis – it gives me direction and purpose.

Nicky helped Daniel through his grief

“The day I got the call about Corrie, I had just done a vision board of the 10 things I want in my life in general, and Corrie went back to it, and I pinned it and I wrote the reason.

“I wrote down what it would be like, how I got the call, what was going to happen next and who I told first – it’s all part of something I read online. “

She continued, “I did that, and within two hours I got the call to see if I wanted to go back! vision.

“I don’t hide the fact that this is where I want to be in life.

“I love this show, and it’s by far the best job I’ve ever had.”

Daniel gave Nicky the money stolen from Geoff Metcalfe to start a new life

Nicky is set to be a love rival to Daniel’s new girlfriend, Daisy Midgeley, after they recently rekindled their secret romance.

And Kimberly hints they could come to blows.

She said: “I think it’s going to be spicy. I think that’s when Corrie is at her best – two women and someone in between.”

She added of the two women: “They share similar traits and it will be really interesting to see how it works out.

Nicky and Daisy are about to face off

“But I think she might see Daisy as catnip to be fair, like ‘little girl down there’.

“But it will be really, really good to see that.”

Kimberly arrived as Nicky at Corrie in June 2020.

Nicky came into Daniel’s life when his nephew Adam Barlow decided it was time for him to move on following Sinead’s death from cervical cancer in October 2019.

The couple hit it off over a happy hour, but Daniel was shocked to realize she was charging for his time when he asked to see her again.

But he decided to meet her at a hotel and paid her £220 as he told her about his late wife’s disappearance.

He paid her to wear his wife’s clothes and it soon became clear that Daniel had feelings for her, urging her to quit her life as a sex worker.


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