Use a vision board to connect with the career and life you want


It’s hard to stay focused on your goals, especially when you have to juggle your personal and professional life. It was not easy before Covid, but afterwards it became even more difficult. A vision board may be the answer. It can help you maintain your determination and motivation and move you towards success.

A vision board can be physical or digital. It’s a place where you can put photos, quotes, artwork, or other visual stimuli that inspire you and remind you of what you want to achieve. Do you want to save money for a house? Getting promoted or changing careers? Are you setting aside extra time to become more focused and present? A vision board can help you achieve all of these long-term goals and more.

Building a vision board is easy. It’s a fun activity that you can complete in an afternoon. First, you need to decide if you want your vision board to be physical or digital. It’s easier to start with a digital one, but you may also find that a physical manifestation of your goals is more powerful. I prefer a physical. Since we spend so much time working on our computers, it can be handy to have one. It is also easier to find images for the board. All it takes is a simple right click on something that inspires you and represents what you want to achieve. You can then add those images into a collage on things like Microsoft Word. You can even use it as a background.

If you want to go the physical route, it will take a bit more effort. You will need to get a poster or cork board or something similar to put all your images on. You’ll need glue or pins to stick them on, then you’ll need to find a place to hang it. Experiment and find out what works for you.

Pictures can be found in magazines or newspapers – photos that will help you focus on your goals. A printer could also help, allowing you to put together images you find on the Internet. Finally, you can write quotes or sayings that inspire you.

In the center should be an outline of what you want to achieve. I want… a promotion, to work for a certain company, to be more present. Then you can organize your images around that.

A vision board helps because it clearly states your goals. He reminds you every day to work towards them. As a reminder or as a continuous inspiration, it will facilitate the realization of your professional or personal desires. It can start simple and then you can develop it. If you’re struggling to stay focused on the future and want to add purpose and motivation to achieve your ambitions, a vision board will help.


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