What is a vision board?


VISION boards are often used to help set goals.

However, its effectiveness can be subjective.


A vision board is a collage of images

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of pictures and words that represent your hopes, aspirations, and dreams.

The vision board you create, which usually includes images arranged on a bulletin board or corkboard, is meant to inspire you to achieve your dreams.

These images, often cut from magazines, are a representation of your goals and are meant to help you keep your dreams in perspective on a daily basis.

How to create a vision board?

To make a vision board, you may need a pin board or cork board. You may also need a pair of scissors and something like pins or glue to put the board together.

You may also need magazines to cut out images or quotes that inspire you.

To begin the thought process of creating your vision board, you can start by exploring your personal values. Using such a method will give you a sense of satisfaction in pursuing your goals.

As the New Year approaches, for example, you might ask yourself questions such as: What really matters to me in 2022? Who do I want to be in 2022? Who do I want to help in 2022?

In addition to exploring your personal values, you could focus on something that motivates you on a daily basis.

For example, ask yourself questions such as: What do I want for 2022, and why do I want it? Is this goal in line with my personality?

The final step you can take in creating your vision board is setting priorities. Even though you have myriad goals that we hope to achieve in 2022, you need to be realistic and take pragmatic steps to achieve them.

Thus, it is imperative to place the most achievable goal at the top of your chart because it can be achieved in the shortest possible time. You can also rearrange them as needed.

Prioritize your goals to help you achieve them as soon as possible


Prioritize your goals to help you achieve them as soon as possibleCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Are visionboards effective?

A vision board is known to be a way to activate the law of attraction to attract good things that will help you achieve your goals.

Indeed, a well-known book called The Secret, claims that visualization is one of the most effective mental exercises. The book goes on to state, “The Law of Attraction shapes your entire life experience and it does so through your thoughts. When you visualize, you radiate a powerful frequency into the Universe.”

Despite these claims of effectiveness, others have argued that the law of attraction is more subjective than objective. Thus, such claims about its effectiveness are not conclusive.

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